SEGi Group of Colleges CEO wins Asia’s Woman Leader Award

SEGi Group of Colleges is beyond proud, that our very own Ms Stella Lau Kah WaiCEO of SEGi Group of Colleges, has won the esteemed Asia’s Woman Leader Award by the World Woman Leadership Congress.

The prestigious award by the World Woman Leadership Congress is given to outstanding leaders who have met such criteria as building a sustainable leadership pipeline, supporting gender diversity and inclusion at work, promoting empowerment and social change, the ability to influence policy and strategy, and managing optimal utilisation of opportunities and resources.

The World Woman Leadership Congress gives this award as recognition to those individuals who have achieved extraordinary success from innovative and effective leadership practices in Asia to foster and recognise exemplary leadership in the professional community and to inspire people to achieve excellence.

In their mission to educate people and to instil the importance of leadership development and self-reliance building amongst Women in Asia, the World Woman Leadership Congress does their research intensely. This research cell consists of Post-Graduates in History and Management with more than five years of research experience, post their studies. It is the iconic job of the research cell to produce a shortlist of individuals who are doing extraordinary work and to track the record of their achievements. The shortlist is then reviewed by a jury comprising senior professionals from the industry.

Always known by one and all for always being true to her word, Ms Lau’s commitment has always been in expanding student access to higher education, catalysing academic innovation, and championing transformative learning to achieve outstanding student experience.

Ms Lau currently provides leadership to more than 550 full-time and part-time faculty members and staff, leading these teams through the pandemic, always rebuilding the capabilities that prepare management and academic teams for an unprecedented future that looks very different from the old status quo. She certainly is the very person to break the mould. This translates into, ‘You may be different, but you can do it too!’ How very inspiring is that!

Her vision is a brand of leadership characterised by a future-oriented focus on change – on transformational change to propel SEGi Group’s core missions to ensure vitality and financial sustainability for the future. It is a vision of unlimited change and unlimited progress.

Ms Stella Lau sees the future as one with many big and wonderful changes and opportunities. In her eyes, nothing is impossible. In fact, she sees a world of amazing abilities that can be achieved by anyone. “There are no shortcuts to success. Set your goals as high as you can, be guided by your values and your purpose, then work as hard as you can in pursuit of those goals”.

To watch Ms Lau’s acceptance speech, click here.

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