SEGi: Dedication to education beyond the classroom

“KNOWLEDGE is power!” is a phrase that speaks volume for school-age individuals, and even to those working in the education sector.  

For educators and academics, their roles do not stop at just disseminating knowledge they have gained to the students in the classroom.  

In fact, they are still learning and expanding their horizons, which subsequently contributes to the quality of education in the country and the world.  

“SEGi is home to 18,000 local and international students who are under the guidance of 550 esteemed faculty members across our five campuses,” said SEGi University & Colleges managing director Stella Lau. 

“Our professors and lecturers are not only devoted to imparting students with valuable teachings and experience in preparation for the extremely competitive job market, but they are high achievers and well-respected for their contributions in various fields of study.”  

Lau revealed that SEGi’s academics have recently made headlines in several prestigious industry competitions and international conferences.   

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