Policy on Poverty and Hunger

Policy on Poverty and Hunger


Addressing the global challenge of poverty reduction and ensuring zero hunger necessitates a comprehensive approach. Poverty, once measured solely by income levels and food availability, has evolved to encompass a broader spectrum of considerations. These include equitable access to productive resources, healthcare, education, gender equality, infrastructure, environmental sustainability, and decent living conditions. SEGi University is firmly committed to addressing these issues in a systematic manner, emphasising training, seminars, and forums to enhance the knowledge and skills of diverse population groups.

Policy Owner & Oversight: Student Experience Committee

The Student Experience Office department is the designated office responsible for reviewing, educating and advancing the compliance of the policy within our institution, with a designated official overseeing the matter across the organisation.

Policy Statements

SEGi University’s commitment to combating poverty and hunger extends to various aspects, including education, support for the underprivileged, and sustainable business development. We actively seek to admit students falling within the B40 household income in the country, setting clear targets for their graduation and completion. Our support programmes cover essential needs such as food, housing, transport, and legal services to empower students from economically disadvantaged families.

In particular, we extend our support to students from the poorest families to ensure they can complete their university education successfully. This support encompasses various aspects:

  1. Food: We ensure the availability of affordable and nutritious food choices on campus. SEGi University has set a controlled price for food options on campus, ensuring that students can always access affordable and healthy meals. Additionally, we promote sustainable food choices, including vegetarian and vegan options, to cater to diverse dietary preferences.
  2. Housing: We are committed to helping students find secure and affordable housing options that meet their needs, allowing them to focus on their education without housing-related concerns.
  3. Transport: All SEGi campuses are accessible by public transport, ensuring green, ecofriendly and affordable accessibility to campus. We are committed to providing subsidised transportation for targeted groups of students.

The full copy of this policy can be accessible via the SEGi Connexion Staff Portal.

Policy created on 2022Policy reviewed on 2023