Policy on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Policy on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


SEGi University is dedicated to maintaining an environment that upholds the highest standards of mutual respect, dignity, and equal opportunity for all directors, employees, and stakeholders. Our commitment to these principles is unwavering. We aim to foster an inclusive academic community where ethical values form the cornerstone of our decisions and actions. We understand the importance of protecting those who report discrimination and harassment, and our whistleblowing policy, available at SEGi Whistle-Blowing Policy, serves as an integral part of our commitment to addressing such concerns.

Policy Owner & Oversight: VP, Human Resource

The Human Resource Department is the designated office responsible for reviewing, educating and advancing the compliance of the policy within our institution, with a designated official overseeing the matter across the organisation.

Policy Statements 

This policy encompasses the following aspects:

  1. Mutual Respect: SEGi promotes an environment where all members of our community, including directors, employees, and stakeholders, are treated with mutual respect and dignity. Discriminatory speeches, actions or decisions are strictly prohibited within the campus.
  2. Inclusiveness: We embrace the rich diversity of our academic community, valuing individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, identities, and abilities. We believe that diversity enhances the educational experience and is integral to our mission of offering quality employability-based international programmes.
  3. Ethical Values: Our university adheres to the highest academic and personal integrity standards. Honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency are the cornerstones of our interactions. We expect every member of our community to act with integrity and maintain academic honesty.
  4. Rejection of Discrimination: Discrimination, harassment, and bias in all forms are firmly rejected within the SEGi community. We aim to create an environment where every voice is heard, and differences are acknowledged, respected, and valued.
  5. Fairness and Equity: We are committed to establishing a just and equitable community. Our policies, practices, and procedures are designed to be fair and impartial, providing equal opportunities to all individuals. We actively work to rectify disparities and promote social justice.
  6. Training and Sensitisation: SEGi University will deliver regular training to our faculty, staff, and students, focused on gender equality, non-discrimination, and the need for sensitivity towards women’s rights.
  7. Inclusive Curriculum: We are committed to integrating gender perspectives into our curriculum, research, and teaching materials, actively challenging gender stereotypes and biases.
  8. Shared Responsibility: Upholding these ethical values is a collective responsibility, and we call upon every member of the SEGi community – students, faculty, staff, and administrators – to actively embrace and champion these principles.
  9. Non-Discrimination: SEGi University unequivocally forbids discrimination, harassment, or any form of inequitable treatment based on an individual’s transgender status or gender identity. Every member of the SEGi community is entitled to the same rights, privileges, and opportunities, regardless of their gender identity.
  10. Preferred Name and Pronouns: SEGi recognises and respects that individuals may have preferred names and pronouns that reflect their gender identity. Students, faculty, and staff retain the right to utilize their preferred names and pronouns in all aspects of university life, including email addresses and communication.
  11. Educational Programmes and Awareness: SEGi University is resolute in its commitment to fostering awareness and comprehension of gender diversity within the community. The university proffers educational programmes, workshops, and resources that address transgender issues, promote respect, and engender a welcoming environment.
  12. Reporting and Addressing Discrimination: Prompt reporting of any incidents involving discrimination, harassment, or exclusion rooted in gender identity is imperative. SEGi University has established transparent and confidential reporting mechanisms, and will undertake appropriate measures to address and prevent further occurrences of discrimination.
  13. Supportive Services: SEGi commits to providing access to support services for transgender individuals, including counseling, healthcare, and resources designed to guide them through their educational and personal experiences.
  14. Investigation and Accountability: All reported incidents will be promptly and meticulously investigated, and we will enforce appropriate disciplinary actions against those found guilty of discrimination or harassment.

This policy reflects the core principles that guide our institution and emphasises the importance of maintaining an inclusive and ethical working environment. Our whistleblowing policy, available at SEGi Whistle-Blowing Policy, further enhances our commitment to protecting individuals who report discrimination and harassment. At SEGi University, we are dedicated to onboarding newcomers with a strong emphasis on our ethical standards, ensuring that integrity, professionalism, and mutual trust prevail throughout our academic community.

The full copy of this policy can be accessible via the SEGi Connexion Staff Portal.

Policy created on 2022Policy reviewed on 2023