Our civil engineering students made us proud! Well done!

SEGi University’s civil engineering students from the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & Information Technology were announced as the 3rd winner of the ‘Integrated Design Project Short Video Competition 2022’ under the Civil Category.

The students include Samantha Nassali, Al-Betul Saleh Oumer Ali Shek, Ibrahim Abdul Sattar, Willa Yassin and Lusi Katarina. The Engineering Education Technical Division and the Institution of Engineers Malaysia organised the competition, encouraging all Malaysian Engineering or Engineering Technology undergraduate students to participate.

There is the category of Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil. The submitted videos were viewed and judged by professional capstone, project coordinators and industrial engineers. The competition is organised by the Engineering Education Technical Division of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia.

Congratulations to the students who made us proud! Keep it up!


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