Nature’s Melody: Palouse Soundscapes by Yii Kah Hoe

Yii Kah Hoe, a senior lecturer at SEGi College in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, and an internationally recognised musician and composer, was recently featured in a Washington State University article. Yii is the university’s first Fulbright scholar in residence, where he teaches, researches, and continues his artistic work of making soundscapes that combine natural components and strive to enhance environmental consciousness.

The article focuses on Yii’s most recent work, Of the Land, which he composed in and about the Palouse and will premiere on March 4 at the Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center. The piece is a compilation of soundscape recordings from over 12 different nature parks, many of which are in the Pullman area and some of which are in Idaho, and it reflects elements of density and light found in Chinese calligraphy brushstrokes, as well as traditional music elements from Malaysia, China, and Indonesia.

Members of the audience will be able to participate to the moving, Palouse-based soundscape, thus transforming the public into actors in Yii’s music, as well as performances by music professors Aaron Agulay, baritone, and Keri McCarthy, English horn.




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