Harmonizing Education: GIOMUSI APP Wins GOLD at iTaLIIC 2023

The chosen scope for their entry was Gamification for music composition, resulting in the creation of the revolutionary “GIOMUSI APP.” Rooted in constructivist and gamification theories and guided by Kolb’s triple E framework, this innovative app aimed to foster new knowledge and enhance social and emotional skills. Particularly noteworthy was the app’s inclusive design, catering to children from diverse sociocultural backgrounds, including varying ethnicities, cultures, educational backgrounds, and abilities. The app, tailored for children aged 10-12, offered an engaging learning experience in music composition through vibrant visuals, dynamic features, and captivating sound effects.

The development of the GIOMUSI APP marked a significant milestone between December 2022 and April 2023. This period involved meticulous content and feature design, comprehensive experiments with children from both public schools and refugee learning centers, and insightful observations and interviews with teachers and students. Their efforts culminated in the submission of an extended abstract and a visually compelling poster, which were meticulously evaluated by seasoned judges experienced in innovation, commercialization, and research. The judges considered various criteria, including objectives, advantages, usefulness, novelty, and commercialization potential.



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