Join us in building a community that will improve the university and collegiate experience for the pupils at SEGi. Contact your campus’ representative if you are interested to participate in any activities and endeavors, in proposing any viable plans that will serve for betterment, and/or in contributing your views and observations on things that happen in the campus around the clock. Let’s make things happen.

SEGi University Kota Damansara

Ms. Amal Othman

Student Development Executive

[email protected]

SEGi College Sarawak

Khalida Bt. Halim,

Senior Student Affairs Executive

[email protected]

SEGi College Subang Jaya


Student Affairs Senior Executive, Student Counselor

[email protected]

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur

Sivadharmi A/P K.Ramakrishnan

Head of Student Affairs

[email protected]

SEGi College Penang

Mr. Chew Chee Tatt

Head, Student Experience Cum Lecturer Registry and Student Services

[email protected]