FOELPM’s Successful PGES 2023 Symposium

The symposium served as a platform for the brightest minds in education and language studies, bringing together scholars, lecturers, and students under one roof. The diligent efforts of the FOELPM lecturers, in conjunction with the invaluable support from the UiTM Faculty of Education and Language, were pivotal in orchestrating this academic extravaganza.

One of the pivotal roles of the FOELPM lecturers was in the meticulous organization of the symposium, ensuring a seamless flow of events and activities. Their expertise was not limited to logistical arrangements; they also took on the crucial roles of presenting thought-provoking topics and serving as discerning judges for the students’ presentations. This multifaceted engagement showcased the depth of knowledge and dedication that the FOELPM lecturers brought to the symposium.

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