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SEGi has offered more than RM100 million worth of scholarships for the past 41 years. This is your opportunity to shine brighter than the rest!
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Genaral Requirements
General Requirements
  • Must be a Malaysian.
  • Possess relevant high school result; SPM / UEC / STPM / A-Level / Diploma of relevant field (or equivalent).
General Terms & Conditions
  • Applicant is required to take part in SEGi activities, including promotional efforts up to 5 hours per week, during their period of study at the University/College.
  • Scholarship only covers the tuition fees and shall not include registration fees, miscellaneous fees, foreign portion of the studies and external moderation or examination fees.
  • If the scholarship recipient does not meet the minimum required academic requirement, he/she will undertake to pay either the re-sit/ retake fees as deemed necessary by the respective faculty.
  • Scholarship offered is not exchangeable, nor is the unutilised portion of the scholarship refundable in cash.
  • SEGi University Group reserves the right to revoke the said scholarship if the recipient does not maintain discipline, attendance and good behavior and /or participates in criminal or tortuous acts of omissions.
  • SEGi University Group reserves the right to amend the policies and term of the scholarship without notice.
  • All information furnished by the scholarship recipient must be true and correct in all respects. In the event of any inaccurate or incorrect information furnished, the scholarship is liable to be withdrawn without notice and in such event the scholarship recipient shall be required to pay SEGi University Group the amount of tuition fees waived to date.
  • The scholarship offered is only valid for year 2015. If the scholarship offer is not exercised within the year of offer, it shall lapse automatically.
  • The scholarship recipient must accept the offer of SEGi University Group and pay the relevant application fee before commencement of the programme, failing which the scholarship offered will automatically lapse.
  • All decisions made by SEGi University Group on all matters to the scholarships are final.
  • Applicant must abide by the Rules and Regulations of SEGi University Group.