Faculty of Pharmacy’s Public Health Campaign Challenge 2021

SEGi’s Faculty of Pharmacy has done us proud again! This time they managed to secure the ‘MyPSA BEST PUBLIC HEALTH CAMPAIGN AWARD’, presented on 22nd August 2021.

The Faculty of Pharmacy conducted the SEGi Public Health Campaign on Sexual & Reproductive Health Awareness – Aware and Unashamed on the 1st and 8th May 2021, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA). The organising committee consisted of Year 1 and Year 2 Pharmacy students.

The best Public Health Campaign Award was determined based on documentation, event activities, presentation, poster evaluation, responsiveness and impact on the participants. SEGi’s Public Health Campaign beat Public Health Campaigns of other schools of pharmacy from public and private institutions, including University of Malaya, UniKL, University of Cyberjaya, IIUM and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

The theme selected had boosted the confidence of the public in breaking stigmas when discussing about sexual and reproductive health. The campaign was conducted virtually via Zoom and was streamed to Facebook Live.  It reached almost 5000 audiences, especially those above 18 years of age, with the largest group of audience from the 35-44 years age group.

Prior to the event, various pre-campaign activities were conducted to allow a large part of the public to get involved in the campaign to educate the public on various topics as well as to create an awareness. Activities included:

  • Children’s Poster Colouring Competition
  • A Health App Challenge: “Step Up, Health Up”
  • Infographic quiz – We Challenge Your Mind

During the campaign, the following activities were conducted:

  • A fundraising event consisting of the sales of merchandises and an art workshop were initiated to raise funds to cover the campaign’s expenses.
  • Health talks by speakers from various hospitals to share their thoughts and views on the broad topic related to sexual and reproductive health.
  • Talk on “Know Your Medicine” by Ms. Quah, a pharmacist from Hospital Sungai Buloh.
  • Talk targeted for young adults by Ms. Aishah on tackling sexual harassment at schools and workplace (in collaboration with, SPOT and The Body Shop).
  • Home Workout Session to encourage audiences to remain active despite the work-from-home order.
  • A Kahoot Quiz was conducted after every health talk to gauge the knowledge gained by the participants.
  • A lucky draw and giveaway activities to reward the audiences and encourage them to promote the event.

The fertility health talk on 8th May by Dr. George Lee Eng Geap, Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur, was the best-attended live session throughout the campaign.

The audiences were much open-minded and bolder to clarify their doubts on sexual and reproductive health by the end of the campaign. Positive reviews from the audiences were received by the committee.

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