Joanna Joy Ong-Balinghasay

Top Graduating Student from the International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy

“I recall those days when I was taking my Montessori course part time. I would wake up at 5 in the morning, when my son, Lorenzo was not yet awake and start writing my essays. I would then set my books aside to prepare him for his playschool and then hurry to come home, breastfeed him, put him to sleep so I can dress up to go to the college and attend to the 3 hour lecture. After which I would quickly drive home to play with him and then cook dinner before my husband arrives home from work. I would then continue working on my assignments when my son has gone to bed and end my work before the clock strikes 12. And during this same time, I was pregnant with my second child, Mikaela.”

“Let me take this chance to thank the college that became our second home, a place that nurtured not just our brains but also our hearts. Thank you for the first class service, the state of the art facilities, and more importantly, the very dedicated and selfless professors who have continuously inspired us and made us believe that we too can reach our chosen destiny.”