Bernadine Lee Suet Teng

Foundation in Commerce, CGPA 4.0
Segi Malaysia Foundation Success Stories Bernadine Lee

"Thanks to my lecturers and consistent studying, I made it! Doing assignments and having study groups helped a lot as well. Now I’m rewarded with a High Achievers Scholarship from SEGi."

"I enjoyed a really good study experience at SEGi. The lecturers show a lot of care and concern for the students. They took the initiative to ask us if we need any help or whether we understood even before we go to them for help."

"I loved the lessons because there were fun activities inside and outside of class. One example was when we went out for a movie and had to write a report about it. I like the library a lot because it is well equipped for research; it’s also well-kept and the books are up-to-date."