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From desk bound computers to laptops to smartphones to cable TVs and music players, technology is everywhere, all encompassing, and in every part of our work and play. Ask anyone if they can live without it and they will often say otherwise. Technology as we know has become so integral that the very thought of going a day without it, is an idea that is foreign to us.

Why Study at SEGi? Here at SEGi we aim to provide our students with quality experience and education enrichment; by providing them with the latest Mac computers, adapted teaching laboratories (through our partnership with Huawei), an expansive E-Library selection, interactive classrooms that are recordable for reference, internship opportunities (Huawei) and a Workforce Development Programme. To provide you with a more indepth overview, here is why you should be part of our academy:

  • Apple Mac Computer Lab
    Each of our Mac computers are equipped with the latest software programmes so that students can have a firmer understanding of new mechanics.
  • Computer Laboratory of Optimum Technology
    Through our direct partnership with Huawei, we have built a teaching laboratory worth in the excess of RM400k.
  • E-Library
    With just a mouse click, students can gain entry to our E-Library compendium to read reviews, past research references, journals and reports that cover a wide range of topics anytime, anywhere.
  • Panopto Lectures
    Lectures that are carried out in classrooms can be recorded to be replayed and downloaded to view later, making it easy for students who may miss out on certain syllabus or classes.
  • Partnership with Huawei
    SEGi formalised a partnership with the renowned technological computer company, Huawei to provide internship opportunities as well as employment opportunities to SEGi IT students.

Our partnership with Oracle
With the introduction of the Workforce Development Programme (WDP), students will be better equipped to tackle work challenges that may come their way. Oracle Database tech is endorsed around the world by leading organisations to run key business tasks, systems and processes. Known as one of the leading databases in the world, it is also trusted by more than 305,000 companies. It s also known as the number one embedded database resource; with approximately 97% of Global Fortune 500 companies running Oracle software.

We aim to provide education and certified programmes to help arm students with key industry skills, to not only excel at what they do but also be sought after by leading companies in the field.

As it stands, there are two distinctive certificates that are offered under this programme namely, the Certificate of Attendance awarded to students upon finishing the Oracle course at SEGi College Subang Jaya and the Professional Certification, that is only granted to students who have managed to pass the Oracle exam. The Professional Certification is recognized as the industry standard of professionalism, as our students often go to become IT specialists in the sector of new tech.

Why Oracle WDP?
The Workforce Development Programme (WDP) integrated into our Information Technology and Bachelor of Science (Hons) Computing acts as a supplement to our existing programmes. We worked closely with Oracle Corporation to further broaden the need for IT experts and to bring about attainable and affordable IT skills training.

WDP grants partnering educational establishments to provide full-time and part-time Oracle training for would-be students in locally-based communities. WDP training helps students be prepared for the Oracle certification testing. With a widely-recognised credentials of an Oracle certificate, WDP students will obtain a key edge before they embark on a multitude of entry-level Oracle jobs in an upward career trajectory path.

World Renowned Universities Partners in United Kingdom

  • Abertay University
    With its long history as one of Scotland’s leading universities, Abertay University has an exemplary reputation for its expertise in providing career-driven education. The University is also home to cutting-edge research teams, whose key findings have been recognised internationally.
  • University of Greenwich
    This esteemed university has a proud and distinctive way of assisting students in obtaining academic brilliance through a wide range of disciplines and fields. Right at the heart of its goal is to make the most of student learning comprehension, teaching and assessment through the Educational Development Unit (EDU) initiative.



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