University of Greenwich, UK


3 years


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SEGi College Subang Jaya


This programme is for people who have an interest in developing their knowledge and understanding of the care and education of young children. It incorporates and reflects on the common core values of the early years of workforce, and reviews practice and policies. It is expected that candidates will undertake work based placement while on the programme.


As graduates, you have opportunities to practice and lead in early years settings (including nurseries), children’s centres, health and social care and community settings, as well as schools.

The programme also prepares you to take on leadership and management positions in a range of settings and services, for example children's centres, extended schools, and child-minding networks. Family services, parental advice services sited in charitable organisations and schools or academies are also potential career pathways.

  • STPM / GCE A-Level passed with at least 3 principles (or its equivalent)
  • University Foundation Programme or equivalent qualification
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education or equivalent qualification (Credits in English & Maths in SPM)

Year 1Year 2Year 3
  • Understanding and Managing Children’s Behaviour (PSYH1045)
  • Children as Confident Learners (ACAD1274)
  • The World from the Child’s Perspective (SOPA1023)
  • Engaging Play (ACAD1275)
  • Introduction to Health and Wellbeing from Conception to Young Adulthood (SOCW1059)
  • Introduction to the Children’s Workforce : Workplace Experience 1 (ACAD1276)
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A (MPW 2113)
  • The Young Mathematician (ACAD 1277)
  • Language and Digital Literacies (ACAD1278)
  • Young Explorers: Knowledge and Understanding of the World (ACAD1279)
  • Social Policy and Social Pedagogies (SOPA1024)
  • Enabling Environments for Young Children : Supporting Outdoor Play (ACAD1280)
  • Understanding Creativity in Early Years Contexts (ACAD1281)
  • Communication and Thinking Skills (EDB3124)
  • Supporting the Social Well-being of Children and their Families : Work Place Experience 2 (SOCW1173)
  • Pengajian Malaysia (MPW 2133)
  • Child Development and Learning: Birth to Six Years (ACAD1198)
  • Leading and Managing in Early Years: Work place Experience 3 (ACAD1199)
  • Curriculum and Assessment in Early Years: Workplace Project (ACAD1200)
  • Keeping Children Safe From Harm (SOCW1007)
  • Pengajian Islam (MPW 2143) / Pengajian Moral (MPW 2153)
  • Mentor Preparation for the Children’s Workforce (OMED1231)