Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Global Business Major), Troy University


Troy University, United States of America


4 years


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SEGi College Kota Damansara
SEGi College Subang Jaya
SEGi College Kuala Lumpur
SEGi College Sarawak


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Global Business Major) The global general business bachelor’s degree provides a solid understanding of the fundamental areas in business: finance, accounting, management and marketing. The program is designed to prepare students for the diverse environment of the business world. This programs thus expose students to a variety of “core subjects” and allow students to specialize in a specific academic area. The degree also develops the student’s practical managerial skills, communication skills and business decision-making capability. Many programs thus incorporate training and practical experience, in the form of case projects, presentations, internships, industrial visits, and interaction with experts from the industry.


Your career options in business administration will depend largely on your education level as well as your other qualifications. That said, there are many different jobs that may be open to you in the business administration field. Some of the most popular options include finance, general business, human resource management, information systems, management, managerial accounting, marketing, accountant and many more.

  • SPM with 5 credits in any subjects;
  • UEC with Grade B in 5 subjects;
  • or other equivalent qualifications approved by MOHE

Year 1Year 2
Semester 1
  • Public Speaking
  • Hubungan Etnik
  • Computer Concepts and Applications
  • Visual Arts
  • Tamadun Islam dan
  • Tamadun Asia Tenggara (Local)
  • OR Malaysian Studies (International)
Semester 1
  • Accounting Principles 1
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Principles of Marketing
  • World Literature After 1660
Semester 2
  • Composition and Modern English I
  • Principles of Biology (Lab)
Semester 2
  • University Orientation
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Statistics
Semester 3
  • Business Calculus
  • Introduction to Drama
  • Composition and Modern English II
  • General Chemistry I (Lab)
Semester 1
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Accounting Principles 2
  • World Literature Before 1660
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
Year 3Year 4
Semester 1
  • Business Communication
  • Fundamentals of Financial Mathematics
  • International Trade
  • Global Human Resource Management
  • Innovative Practices and
  • Thoughts in Business
  • Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi II (for International Students Only)
Semester 1
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Retailing
Semester 2
  • Global Electronic Business
  • Global Marketing
Semester 2
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Business and Society
Semester 3
  • Personal Health Development
  • Fundamentals of Managerial Finance
  • Operations Management
  • Leadership and Change
Semester 1
  • Business Seminar
  • Strategic Management
  • Pengurusan Ko-Kurikulum
  • Managing in a Global Environment