Student Support & Activities


Student Affairs Division is a one stop center for students to seek assistance in general (non-academic) administration matters. Student Affairs delivers integrated services in collaboration with relevant departments to give students the support and assistance they need. Centers under the Student Affairs include:

The commitment of Student Affairs Division is to provide efficient service to all SEGi University students in a student-friendly environment, giving them a truly Awesome Customer Experience.


  1. Enquiry
    Student Affairs Division is a one-stop-center where students can obtain any information relating to their study life at SEGi University. Students can walk in or call during operation hours to ask questions. On line enquiry through at any time of the day. A response will be provided within 1 working day.

  2. Collection Center
    Students can collect the following items from Student Affairs office during operation hours:
    • Letters & Parcels
    • Lost & Found Items

  3. Feedback
    SEGi constantly seeks ways to improve the quality of services, thus feedback from students is always appreciated. Students can provide their feedback at any time using the online feedback form, or when online surveys are conducted.
    • Feedback management (complaints, suggestions or compliments)
    • Student Satisfaction Survey- gathering of overall feedback from students

  4. Open Door and Student Friendly Policy of Student Affairs
    The Student Affairs Division of SEGi University practices the open-door policy. Any student could see and seek advice or discuss almost anything with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor at any time during the office and after office hours. This is also being practice by the Student Services and Student Development Center which operate from 9:00am to 6:00pm including alternate Saturdays from 9:00am – 1:00pm.
SEGiSphere E-Learning Portal is an innovative web portal that was developed and installed to enhance learning of accounting, business, marketing and computing at SEGi by complementing traditional classroom teaching. Interactive delivery also facilitates independent study through online learning materials, self-test exercises, discussion boards, announcements and chatroom.

The system provides you with access to real-time campus updates, which plays a key role in developing e-learning capabilities. This is a virtual learning centre that delivers online courses over the internet, making learning possible anywhere, any time and at your own pace.

Speakers from various industries are constantly invited to speak to you about your career prospects in various industries. Additionally, talks on personal grooming, which include skincare, dressing and interview skills, are also organised to prepare you for future interviews with prospective employers. Activities such as SEGi Idol, SEGi Fear Factor, Charity Carnival, International Cultural Day, Ultimate Prom Night and SEGi Street 5ive are held to make campus life more exciting.
Students at SEGi University are encouraged to have a well-rounded education experience to develop interpersonal and communication skills while discovering other cultures. Through clubs and societies such as the Photography Club, Youth Ablaze, De Linggua, students are able to participate in extra-curricular activities such as camping, mountain climbing, futsal and bowling. Students are also encouraged to participate in community services and activities.

Some of the student clubs and societies at SEGi include:

  • Student Council:
    This is the ‘voice of the students’ and comprises representatives from each club and society. It’s responsible for spearheading a wide range of activities within or outside the campus.
  • Indian Cultural Society (ICS): 
    This Society seeks to practice and promote Indian culture amongst students and staff and is open to students of all races and backgrounds.
  • Youth Ablaze: 
    This Society welcomes students of all races and aims to create spirited youths as well as an enjoyable educational experience.
  • Chinese Cultural Society: 
    Originating with a group of international students from China, this society now consists of local Chinese and mainland Chinese as well as other nationalities and races.
  • Football, Badminton & Futsal Club: 
    The Football Club was formed by a group of students who are passionate about the ‘world’s most beautiful game’, and its spin-off, the Futsal Club was formed in response to the growing interest among students. Since the inception of these clubs many new sporting clubs have been formed. The teams participate and hold internal and external tournaments.
  • Dance & Drama: 
    A new club which was formed by a group of dynamic, young and energetic students who share a passion for performing arts.
  • Swimming Club: 
    Another newly formed club that seeks to recruit students who share the love of swimming and water sports. Beach activities are regularly organised in addition to events held on campus.
Orientation, at the start of the academic year is the first exciting step into life at SEGi. The programme offers you the opportunity to become acquainted with SEGi, its staff, fellow students, courses, facilities and environment. Look forward to also make new friends, learn your way around campus and know the social and sporting clubs and societies that may interest you.