18 Nov

Faculty of Dentistry Pre-Convocation Awards Ceremony

The Dentistry graduates with the Founding Dean, Datuk Professor Dr. Fawzia binti Dato’ Abdullah and Datuk Dr. Khairiyah Binti Abd. Muttalib, the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry.

SEGi University’s Faculty of Dentistry organised a Pre-Convocation Awards Ceremony for their graduating students. This batch saw a total of 23 students graduating. The Awards Ceremony was held to show appreciation and recognition to the top students and award them on their achievements.

Among the invited guests at the ceremony were Datuk Mohamed Azahari Mohamed Kamil (Group President / Executive Director of SEGi University & Colleges), Professor Dr. Patrick Kee (Vice Chancellor of SEGi University), Professor Dr. Azrin Esmady Ariffin (Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, SEGi University), Brigadier General Professor Dato’ Hj. Shohaimi Abdullah (Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research, Innovation, & Quality Assurance), En. Raja Shahrul Azman (Vice President, Office of Group President of SEGi University & Colleges), Datuk Professor Dr. Fawzia binti Dato’ Abdullah (Founding Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry), Datuk Dr. Khairiyah Binti Abd. Muttalib, (Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry).En. Ghulam Irshad Hussain Bin G.M. Hussain (Head, Group Regulatory), Mr. Wong Chee Kong (Registrar of SEGi University) and lecturers.

Also present to celebrate this momentous occasion were the proud parents of the graduates. The event began with opening speeches from Datuk Azahari, Datuk Professor Dr. Fawziah and Datuk Dr. Khairiyah and was followed by the presentation of awards to the graduates.