Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

The Marketplace
SEGi believes that the opportunity to maximise one’s potential through the fulfilment of studies should be available to students of all backgrounds. Reaching out to deserving individuals through a range of financial assistance options, SEGi demonstrates its commitment towards inspiring SEGians and the community to be something more. Corporate responsibility programmes which include scholarships, research funds, school outreach projects, public workshops and many more are examples of SEGi’s continuous effort to promote education in the marketplace.

The Community
Under this focal area, SEGi has been very active especially in employee volunteerism, youth development, the underprivileged and the environment. Students and staff of SEGi are sensitive and aware of global and local issues which allow them to engage communities and various members of the society through charitable programmes that focus on short and long term goals. It is also important for an educational institute such as SEGi to build mutual trust with its stakeholders.

The Environment
Sustainability of a business is futile if there is no decent environment for an organisation to thrive in. Thus, SEGi encourages both its staff and students to participate in environmental conservation efforts. SEGi focuses on ‘doing things differently’ as it represents a bigger commitment to changing the way we work and how we view problems and solutions. The organisation believes it can improve efficiency, creatively. Not only can does this improve our carbon footprint, it is also an opportunity to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Segi University Malaysia Environment

The Workplace
As one of the largest private higher education institution in Malaysia, SEGi has always believed in bringing out the best in our students. In line with this, SEGi employees subscribe to the Brand Promise “The Best in You Made Possible”. SEGi constantly works towards improving work environment, company policies, compensation and benefits, career development, recognition, achievement and internal relationships in order to make it the best place to work.


21 Mar

World Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day

Segi Malaysia World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

In conjunction with World Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day on the 21st March 2016, SEGi College Subang Jaya’s CATCH Club took the opportunity to raise awareness about Down’s syndrome to fellow SEGians.

The CATCH Club members shared basic facts of Down’s syndrome and how children born with Down’s syndrome can be guided to have a bright future. There was also a hand printing activity for SEGians to show their support.

There was also a talk on Down’s syndrome by Ms. Nagasangari, Senior Lecturer from the Faculty of Education. She has worked as a Programme Development Coordinator with children with special needs.

Many were moved by information shared and were motivated to assist children with Down’s syndrome in our community.