Message from the Dean

Datin Devagey Raru
(Dean, Faculty of Nursing)

In an uncertain economic climate, job security is a valuable commodity. But many careers that previously seemed recession-proof have been downsized, outsourced or shipped off to foreign countries. The trick is to find an industry in which the demand for services will be continual. One such area is healthcare. Healthcare is a multi-billion ringgit industry in Malaysia and continues to face a great shortage of qualified personnel.

No matter which way the economic indicators are pointing, people will continue to need medical care. And as the Baby Boomers get older, they’ll need more and more health services, whether they seek care in hospitals, assisted living facilities, or at home. The demand for qualified healthcare professionals will stay strong.

According to the World Health Statistics 2009 published by the World Health Organisation (“WHO”), healthcare expenditure is expected to be on an increasing trend. WHO estimated that the percentage of population aged above 60 will grow to 22% of the world’s population by 2050 as compared to 11% recorded in 2007. Coupled with a growing life expectancy (which is currently 71 years), healthcare spending is projected to increase. Besides this, the deteriorating condition of the environment and the increasing likelihood of pandemic outbreaks such as the recent A (H1N1) will also create greater awareness of potential health threats. This in turn, will result in more individuals seeking for better healthcare than in the past.

Therefore, holders of qualifications relating to this industry have excellent job opportunities, both locally and overseas.

Datin Devagey Raru
Dean, Faculty of Nursing



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