E-Commerce Expedition, When Tradition meets Tech

SEGi’s Faculty of Communication, Design and Information Technology (FOCADIT) orchestrated a groundbreaking event, the “e-Commerce Walk & Survey,” on 1 April 2024. This pioneering initiative, tailored for students enrolled in the Diploma in Information Technology programme, epitomises SEGi’s commitment to bridging theory with real-world insights.

Led by esteemed lecturers Vincent Sajem and Colin Khoo, 16 enthusiastic students embarked on a journey through Kuching’s historic Main Bazaar to the bustling India Street. Divided into two groups, each under the expert guidance of a lecturer, the students delved deep into the integration of e-commerce technologies within traditional marketplaces.

Full article at https://colleges.segi.edu.my/sarawak/e-commerce-expedition-when-tradition-meets-tech/

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