Discovering Pangkor: An Immersive Educational Expedition on ‘Explore Island

Embarking on an “Explore Island” field trip, SEGi’s students are in for an immersive and educational experience that extends across diverse disciplines. The excursion, intricately connected to nature and set against the scenic backdrop of Pangkor Island, spans from the 9th to the 11th of March 2023, encompassing the hours from 9 am to 6 pm each day.

This unique field trip isn’t just a scenic journey; it’s a comprehensive exploration of various ecosystems, including the rich tapestry of rainforests, vibrant coral reefs, and dynamic coastal areas. The students participating in this program, 15 from BITHM and DIHM, are in for an adventure that goes beyond the conventional classroom setting.

At the heart of this expedition is the opportunity to delve into research projects that touch upon critical aspects of our environment. Biodiversity takes center stage, allowing students to understand and contribute to the intricate web of life on the island. Cultural heritage becomes a lens through which the participants can appreciate and study the rich history embedded in the landscapes. Sustainability and environmental issues, vital topics in today’s world, become tangible as students engage with real-world challenges and potential solutions.

Nik Azreeta Nik Aziz, a Lecturer at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, guides the students through this enriching experience. With her expertise and the enthusiasm of the participating students, the “Explore Island” field trip promises to be a journey of discovery, learning, and appreciation for the wonders of Pangkor Island’s diverse natural and cultural tapestry.

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