Picture 1- Red Bubbles and SEGi.jpg
Picture 1 caption:
A part of students involved in the fundraising effort from 3rd July - 9th July 2018

Picture 2 - Red Bubbles-check handover.jpg
Picture 2 caption:
Handover of 
mock cheque to Dr. Bubbles’ representative

Picture 3 - Story-telling session.jpg
Picture 3 caption:
Story-telling by Faculty of Education student

Laughter is the best medicine, is an adage heartfelt by those who are ill. By spreading joy, especially to the little ones, the harsh reality of being hospitalised and having to go through scary medical treatments is forgotten for a brief moment – lifting their spirit with hope to survive and recover.

Through SEGi’s noble team efforts with Red Bubbles, a registered non-profit organisation, we hope to bring cheer and joy to children suffering from cancer and other critical illnesses. 

Mr. Iskandar Ismail founded Red Bubbles, or Persatuan Penghibur Kanak-kanak Buih Merah KL and Selangor, making it their mission to light up the lives of seriously ill children in hospitals and healthcare centres. Consisting of professionally trained clown doctors, they help distract children by addressing to their psychosocial needs while enduring painful, stressful and frightening procedures, such as
chemotherapy, radiotherapy, renal dialysis and palliative care. In fact, the potent doses of laughter help to relax not only the little patients but also the families that are overcome with worry.

Currently, Red Bubbles’ clown doctors visit the cancer-ridden children ward in PPUKM and paediatric wards in Hospital Selayang every week. They also visit the Palliative Care Unit and Cancer Children Ward in Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru once a month.

SEGi is the first Malaysian private learning institution to initiate a fundraising event in support of the Red Bubbles’ efforts. The Donation Drive 2018 was held from July 3 to July 9, 2018, and was jointly organised by SEGi Faculty of Education, Chalkzone Club and the Counselling Unit of the Student Affairs Division. Our students set up 10 booths during the event, where they sold food and drinks, conducted stress reliever games and offered beautiful henna painting.

The event successfully raised RM5000 that was handed over to Red Bubbles. On July 16, the whole group was invited to SDH (Sekolah Dalam Hospital) at Selayang Hospital for the mock check presentation ceremony to Red Bubbles. During the ceremony, our students were also given the opportunity to meet and help entertain the young patients with puppet storytelling and other fun-filled activities.