Chinese New Year Event 2019

Event: Chinese New Year Event 2019
Date: 20th February 2019
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, SEGi University

The SEGi University Chinese Cultural Club (CCS) organized the annual Chinese New Year Event 2019 to celebrate and share the Chinese Spring Festival celebration tradition. The theme chosen for this year’s event will be ‘Returning to Hometown’. It indicates that the people return to their loved ones and spend time with them in this meaningful season. Furthermore, it reminds us to remember to show gratitude to our ancestors who worked hard for a better generation. The event is set on 20th February 2019, Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm at Multipurpose Hall, SEGi University Kota Damansara.

The audiences consisted of SEGi students, staff, lecturers, students from other universities and colleges, representatives of other Chinese cultural clubs, and outsiders. The estimated number of visitors is around 390.

The overall event is once again a great success for CCS. Even though some committees made some flaws, those did not stop the event from being entertaining and interesting. The advertising is good as we can see other universities such as HELP, Taylor’s, MMU, UKM, UPM, UTAR and many more are joining the event. Positive reviews were given by VIPs and visitors from outside the compound, especially with the various performances. CCS will continue to organize all sorts of events to promote Chinese traditions and create a valuable image of SEGi University.