Celebrating Milestones: Dental Students Complete Clinical Module

In a momentous event, the Faculty of Dentistry at SEGi University gathered to mark the successful completion of the “Introduction to Clinical Dentistry” (ICD) module by Year 3 dental students. This celebratory occasion, held on November 3, 2023, not only recognized the academic achievements of the students but also served as a motivational boost as they embark on their clinical journey.

The ceremony, masterfully hosted by students Rahma Farahin Binti Hamka and Siow Yee Wai, commenced with a warm welcome and opening remarks by the esteemed Dean, Professor Dato’ Dr Ahmad Termizi bin Zamzuri. The Dean’s insightful words set the tone for an event that celebrated dedication, hard work, and the students’ progression in their academic journey.

The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of certificates to the 32 dental students who successfully completed the ICD module. Each certificate symbolized not only the completion of a rigorous academic module but also the beginning of a hands-on clinical experience for the budding dental professionals.

A poignant moment during the event was the video presentation by student representative Nur Alya Salihah Binti Azhan. She expressed gratitude to the senior management, lecturers, and fellow classmates, providing a glimpse into the diverse and enriching clinical postings experienced during the six weeks of the ICD module. The video presentation not only showcased the students’ learning but also highlighted the collaborative spirit within the dental community.

As the ceremony drew to a close, Assoc. Prof. Dr Danish Muzaffar, the Deputy Dean, delivered insightful closing remarks, emphasizing the significance of the students’ achievements and the exciting journey that lies ahead in their clinical endeavors. The event concluded with a lively photo session, capturing the joy and pride of the students, faculty, and staff present.

The ICD module completion ceremony not only recognized academic accomplishments but also served as a pivotal moment in the students’ dental education. It stands as a testament to SEGi University’s commitment to nurturing skilled and compassionate dental professionals ready to make a positive impact in the field of dentistry.

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