Bridging Boundaries: SEGi’s Cutting-Edge Linguistic Exploration at MAALIC 2023

At MAALIC 2023, Dr Ena Bhattacharyya presented a groundbreaking paper titled “Success Stories of Postgraduate Oral Presentations: Usage of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Tools, And Effective Presentation Skills.” Her presentation was not just intellectually stimulating but also refreshing in its format – a hybrid presentation that seamlessly blended the physical and online realms. This innovative approach highlighted SEGi University’s adaptability and commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies in academic discourse.

Dr Bhattacharyya’s paper delved into the success stories emerging from postgraduate oral presentations, exploring the integration of artificial intelligence, digital tools, and effective presentation skills. Her research not only showcased the depth of knowledge within SEGi’s academic community but also underscored the institution’s dedication to staying at the forefront of linguistic research and pedagogy.

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