It’s Not Digital Marketing, It’s just Marketing

It’s Not Digital Marketing, It’s just Marketing

1 April 2019

The term digital marketing has been used frequently with certifications being churned out in these specialised areas. Where the focus is on traditional digital marketing frameworks including websites, email marketing, social media advertisements, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, social media management and basic blog publishing. Much of the focus on measuring the return on marketing investment has been focused on egocentric metrics such as likes, traffic, and shares with no emphasis on where it counts.


The need for lead conversion and proper online lead qualification are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Gone were the days of cheap online advertising where marketing campaigns are able to focus on conventional metrics such as likes, and traffic. Marketing campaigns must target areas where it counts, generating quality leads that convert to actual sales.

To better understand digital marketing it is vital to comprehend marketing principals because let's be honest at the end of the day a digital marketer is a marketer. Our consumers are influenced by human factors because our target is... Human. It is vital for digital marketers to understand that the needs of a consumer viewing an advertisement online, and their purchasing behaviour has only changed from offline to online, but factors that lead to purchase are relatively still the same. We are influenced by emotions and impulses. A convincing advertisement regardless of digital or non-digital that tugs our heartstrings and will convince us to reach for our wallets and make a purchase.

Because advertising is about happiness.

So how can digital markets do more, be out of the box and into the shoes of a marketer?

Well, one can start by considering themselves not as a digital marketer, but a champion of consumer journey and no single social media tool will be able to achieve that. The new digital marketer will require a plethora of skills and create a marketing stack both online and offline. No longer is the focus on creative content, but the design and integration of marketing strategies have to be cohesive and be able to work together. Thus making a digital marketer more than a marketer but a digital transformer as well. It is high time digital marketers understand that the digital market space has matured and is ripe for disruption and the clear separation between digital and traditional marketing is no longer. Marketers need to realise that the table has turned and now the disruptor will be disrupted.

Finding it hard to believe?

Look closely, and you will find that the digital marketing space is constantly changing every 1-2 years. Requiring marketers to renew their knowledge and continuously learn to keep up with the latest trend. At SEGi University we understand this; therefore as educators, it is of utmost importance that we develop a framework to allow students to have a passion for continuous learning. Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime. Educators will not be there forever throughout the students' lives, but it is our responsibility to ensure that our graduates are equipped with skill sets that keep them growing for a life time.

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