Unsung Hero: Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT)

Every one of us would have experienced a medical checkup at least once in our lifetime. The memory of the sting of having a ...

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Yes, I'm an optometrist. No, I don't only sell spectacles.

Eye care. The one organ in the human physiology that most would provide the least maintenance until it's too late. Most ...

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To Enjoy Success Requires Education and Time. Here’s a Life Hack That You Should Know

If you were to achieve success at age 70 would you be considered successful? In all practical measures, the answer most ...

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Forget passion, look for careers that spark joy (and income) - Part 2

So, you love drawing and have the potential to be the next great Disney animator. Well here's news for you. YOU'VE ...

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Top-notch US studies in Malaysia

The Star Malaysia, 21 Feb 2019 (Section: Star Special) SEGi Group of Colleges (SGC) offers the exclusive American Degree ...

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Producing First-Class Honours Engineering Graduates

What is your CGPA? This question seems to be the norm asked by parents, lecturers and even employers nowadays, and it gives ...

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Boost your job prospects with an MBA

Most students pursuing higher learning programmes are driven by the aim to secure good job prospects within well-established ...

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Forget passion, look for careers that spark joy (and income) - Part 1

You may be a student waiting for your SPM results, or a graduate with working experience contemplating a change of career ...

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