A Taste of Knowledge: Exploring the World of Wine at The Wine Cartel

At SEGi College Sarawak, the concept of learning extends far beyond the confines of the traditional classroom setting, particularly for culinary arts students. It’s an acknowledgement that real education goes beyond textbooks and lectures. Instead, it delves into the realms of taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch, allowing students to experience and comprehend their subject matter truly. A recent field trip to The Wine Cartel in Kuching is a stellar example of how SEGi College Sarawak’s educational approach moulds students into well-rounded professionals.

This remarkable expedition to The Wine Cartel was not just a casual outing but a deliberate endeavour to immerse ourselves in the enchanting world of wine. Fifteen passionate culinary arts students and three dedicated tourism management students embarked on this enlightening adventure. It was a voyage into the fascinating universe of wine, an opportunity to transcend the boundaries of traditional education.

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