Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management (2+1 Articulation Pathway)
Awarding Institution
Abertay University, UK
3 years (2 years SEGi University & 1 year Abertay University, UK)
Intake Dates
Refer to SEGi campus
SEGi University Kota Damansara

It’s important for you to possess the capacity to deal with a range of complex issues on a daily basis and make business decisions in the face of constant economic and social change, while adapting and relating to both local and international market shifts.

We’ve designed the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Studies programme to provide you with skills and knowledge across a range of business disciplines with emphasis on management skills. Blending a conceptual academic programme structure with hands-on practical experience, the programme aims to prepare you for all aspects of business operations and management. This programme is uniquely designed for students who intend to experience their final year abroad in Abertay University, UK. SEGi’s 2+1 articulation pathway programme enhances student mobility in order to provide alternative access to higher education opportunities.

As graduates of this programme, you’ll be groomed with the ability to establish a productive working environment, ensure efficiencies of staff, focus on staff development, understand organisational change, asses and evaluate management ideas and implement plans and strategies.


Career Opportunities

The skills and knowledge acquired during the programme are applicable to roles in almost any organisation including: administration business advice/ business development and planning analysis, International banking, consumer finance, economic analysis, financial analysis, accounting, risk management, market research, marketing, human resource management, employee relations/industrial relations.


Entry Requirements
  • A pass in STPM, with a minimum Grade C (GP 2.00) in any 2 subjects, and a pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level or any equivalent qualifications; OR
  • A pass in STAM, with a minimum grade of Jayyid, and a pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level; OR
  • Any qualifications equivalent to Diploma or Advanced Diploma (Level 4 or 5, MQF); OR
  • Matriculation/ Foundation qualification with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 out of 4.00, or any equivalent qualification
  • International students are required to achieve a minimum score of 5.5 for IELTS OR its equivalent (SEGi’s EPT / IEP)


Programmes Modules
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
  • Personal Development & Communications Skills
  • Quantitative and Statistical Methods
  • Principles of Economics
  • Business Management
  • Financial Accounting 1
  • Global and Applied Economics
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Information Technology and System
  • Innovative & Creative Skills in Business
  • Understanding Markets and Consumers
  • International Business
  • Business Communication
  • Managing Organisation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial Management 1
  • Research Methodology
  • Business Law
  • Negotiations & Conflict Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Environmental Management and Technology
  • Study 2 years in Malaysia, final year at Abertay

    University, UK.


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