03 Aug

Government Names SEGi Skills Malaysia INVITE Leader

SEG International Berhad was appointed by the Malaysian government as Project Leader for a new initiative to bring in foreign trainees and learners to Malaysia. The initiative is called SkillsMalaysia International Technical Education and Vocational Training Programme; in short, SkillsMalaysia INVITE.

This appointment marks the government’s recognition of SEGi’s quality and expertise in providing skills-based training. SkillsMalaysia INVITE also equips trainees with entrepreneurial and other soft skills to prepare them for employment or self-employment in their own countries or abroad.

SEGi has also tied up with the Malaysian Retail Chains Association (MRCA), which has 6,000 retail outlets nationwide, to provide training opportunities for SkillsMalaysia INVITE participants.

Following is a press release in Bernama: