13 Jan

Check out SEGi Sphere!

SEGi students, we now have our very own all-in-one portal! This is where you can find a job, do some shopping, get updates from your lecturers and access the e-library. Do it anytime, anywhere you have access to the Internet. You’re hooked up to your campus needs 24-7. 

You can buy stuff in the E-Store in this portal with M$ (SEGiSphere dollars) and Ringgit Malaysia via credit card. What is extra cool is that you can bid and auction things! The best bid wins.

There’s even a loyalty programme built into the system. Whenever you use this portal, you will earn incentives and rewards. Use the points called M$ that you earn through your purchases and participation in activities in this portal to redeem more cool goodies.

The redemption items are tailored to your needs and preferences. These come in an attractive variety of electronic gadgets, fashion accessories, free air tickets, free reload cards, SEGi vouchers and so on.

SEGi Sphere is also the place you can get direct access to announcements from your lecturers and college. To provide you a more personal and fun experience, SEGi Sphere allows you to customise the desktop and user information.

JobSphere is part of SEGi Sphere, where you can find employment. Check out job advertisements from trusted employers, and upload your resumes and certificates as well as personal information for potential employers’ perusal.