As a commonwealth country, Malaysia practices common law system as practiced in the United Kingdom. As such, SEGi collaborates with the University of London (UK) to offer the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) programme, as well as offering the SEGi homegrown Diploma in Law.

In a world where degree providers are rapidly increasing, the University of London LLB offers the security of an internationally recognised 'gold standard' established for over 100 years. The University of London was the first to offer a degree in English Law, in the 1890s. Upon graduation students will join a distinguished group of solicitors, barristers and judges around the world who began their careers by obtaining their law degree through the University of London International Programmes.

The Law programmes available at SEGi are ideal for students who wish to obtain a qualification of international standing en route to a successful career as a practising lawyer. The programmes aim to promote independent learning, develop key intellectual transferable skills, develop critical awareness, and strengthen the students understanding into the language of law.