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Greetings from SEGi College Sarawak!

SEGi College Sarawak stands as one of the largest and oldest private colleges in Borneo, offering a range of industry-driven programmes approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (foundation, diploma, degree and postgraduate (MBA)). Through our collaborations with partner foreign universities from UK, Australia and the USA, we provide students with the opportunity to secure degrees from internationally recognized universities while studying at their very own home country.

Since its establishment in the 80’s until today, the college has a strong proven record, whereby thousands of graduates have passed through our doors and gone on to secure successful careers.

Our passion is in providing academic excellence to students from all walks of life, whether they are fresh school leavers or working adults. Our mission is to meet the different needs of our students and help them to successfully achieve their goals.

Our team of dedicated lecturers and staff are committed to ensure our students academic pursuits are taken care of at all times.

We welcome you to SEGi Collge Sarawak where your journey to success through education begins.

Elina Tiu

(Principal, SEGi College Sarawak)

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Our Commitment

Our commitment is to help all our students. Every student is important to us. As such, students and working adults who register with SEGi College Sarawak can expect:

1) Industry-driven Programmes
Our programmes, from foundation to Master Degrees, are industry-driven, making it relevant to the needs of the various industries. This creates higher employability rates and graduates can rest assured that they will be in demand when they step through SEGi’s doors.

2) Dedication
We understand that students need guidance on their chosen career paths. That’s why the Sarawak Campus provides:

  • Comprehensive course materials.
  • Dedicated lecturers to guide students with coursework.
  • Revision classes prior to examinations.
  • Online support via the SEGi2U student portal.
  • Library which is opened 7 days a week.
  • E-library and online journals.

3) Online Support
SEGi College Sarawak gives all its students 24-hour access to Segi2U, as well as access to lecturers, coordinators and their peers in online forums and chat rooms. Currently, there are also over 47,000 multi-disciplinary titles online, 170,000 article reviews and 400 journals and periodicals. More are added every day.

4) Mode of study
The full time classes are for fresh school leavers but working adults have the option of pursuing their academic goals in the evening, weekend or via online distance learning.

5) Degree pathway
Diploma holders can gain advanced standing into Year 2 of our partner universities’ degree programmes in Australia, UK or America. The degree programmes can be completed entirely in Kuching.

6) Financing
Apart from offering affordable fees, there are a number of loans available such as the Bumiputera Education Loan, PTPTN and Yayasan Sarawak. Students can also opt for EPF withdrawal, 0% instalment payment scheme or pay by semester.

7) Ideal Location
The vibrant College’s city campus is strategically located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, a mere stroll to many 5-star hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, bistros and coffee bars.

Being in the city means that all the amenities are within easy reach like the gym which is just next door and the banks which are as close as a 30-second walk. The location of the campus at the heart of the capital city makes it a top choice for working adults and students.

The Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health, located at King’s Centre, offers nursing, medical laboratory technology and environmental health programmes. This campus is also not short of amenities as there are many food outlets in this vincinity, not to mention the close proximity of Kuching’s premier shopping centre, The Spring.

Join us now!

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About The Campus: 

SEGi College Sarawak is seen as the gateway for the Group to East Malaysia. Established with the prime objective of providing quality training to school leavers to prepare them for their future, SEGi College Sarawak today stands as one of the largest private colleges in East Malaysia.

SEGi College Sarawak offers a wide range of programmes to meet the requirements of today’s employers. Following their expansion into nursing and healthcare-related qualifications as well as the addition of the American Degree Programme (ADP), the college now has three campuses within close proximity to each other.

The main campus is situated at the heart of the capital city of Kuching, providing students with access to local amenities nearby such as banks, restaurants, hotels and shopping centres. The Kuching Main Campus provides programmes in the fields of management, accountancy, hospitality, law and IT.

The newly opened Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health currently offers the Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology and the Diploma in Environmental Health.

The third campus is the Training Centre where the vocational and hands-on courses are conducted offering a range of certificates allowing students to seek careers in automotive maintenance, tourism, desktop publishing, hospitality and customer service.

SEGi College Sarawak comprises a team of dedicated and highly qualified managers and academicians coming together to deliver quality programmes that are recognised internationally while also being fine-tuned to the needs of Sarawak’s economic and social development objectives.




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